Coshocton Dulcimer Days Festival

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David Mahler
Aaron O'Rourke
Note:  We do not have the ability to process credit cards; we can take cash or checks.  Some vendors may be able to process credit cards.  There are ATMs in Roscoe Village.
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They are coming along with the construction on the bridge just outside of Roscoe Village.  It is less confusing this year than it was last year. There are signs to indicate where the exits, etc. are.  You can park behind the college - and they have added a new parking lot south of the college; there is some behind the visitors center, but that is a bit of a hike; - or just outside the village at the turn for Bob Evans - there is a parking lot there.  You are welcome to pull up to the front of the college and unload instruments, etc. - we have a room where they can be held until you need them, as well as overnight. If you definitely need to be shuttled from a parking lot to the college let them know at the registration table and we can help you out. 

45th Annual Festival

Thanks Aaron and David for a wonderful festival!
2019  Mid-East Regional Mountain Dulcimer Championships 

                    First Place:          Jim Curley
                    Second Place:    JD LaBash
                    Third Place:        April Allen
2019 Mid-East Regional Hammered Dulcimer Championships 

                            First Place:        Robert Miller
                        Second Place:   Melanie Shapiro
​                        Third Place:       Kimberly Richardson
Our 2019 Headliners!!
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Wendy Songe, National Mountain Dulcimer Champion for 2018, opened the Saturday evening concert!

   Beautiful performance!!
                                                    Raffle Winners! 
David's Hammered Dulcimers:                        Mike Dix
Bowed Psaltery from Wayne Simms:              Sandy Barton
McSpadden Mountain Dulcimer:                     Fr. Bill Hristko  
Bowed Psaltery from Terry Kirby:                    Fr. Bill Hristko
Basket of Coshocton Products:                       Fr. Bill Hristko
Annette Lindsey print:                                     Cal Sweeten
Print                                                                 Sandy Barton