You may pre-register through the email address (

You may pre-pay and pre-register by mailing a check made out to Coshocton Dulcimer Days for $15 for each class requested to Louise Cardenzana, Treasure, 805 Edwards St., West Lafayette, OH 43845
Workshop Schedule
            June 14 -16, 2019  Workshop Schedule
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Again this year participants will need to purchase tickets for the number of workshops they would like to attend - they are general tickets - they are not specific to any workshop - and hand the tickets to the instructors at the workshops. Tickets may be purchase in advance of the festival or during the festival at the information tables in the village or at the college where the workshops are being held.
What Do the Skill Levels Mean?

There is not always agreement on what the terms mean - so for the purpose of our festival we will go with these:

Mountain Dulcimer:
Very Beginner:   I am brand new to the instrument.  "How do you hold this?"

Beginner:  I am so new that I still need more instruction in basic playing skills.

Novice:  I know how to play a few songs and how to figure out ow to play a basic song with tablature.  I am in the process of learning chords and expanding my ability to vary my strumming and/or picking to match the song I am playing.  "I am able to clunk along affably!"

Intermediate:  I am pretty proficient at using tablature and/or playing by ear to leaern a variety of music.  I understand and can apply chords relatively easily in my playing.  "I so got this!"

Advanced:  I understand and can apply chords and often adapt different chords to music.  Fell comfortable flatpicking, strumming, or finger-picking in a wide variety of rhythms, speeds, and dynamics.  "Good enough is not good enough!"

​Hammered Dulcimer:
Very Beginner:   Could be completely new to the instrument, does not really know the note names or understand the layout, have never had instruction on hammer hold and striking techniques.

Beginner:  May know some songs but have difficulty playing fluidly without stopping, understands the general layout of the instrument, knows the note names, some songs, chords, and scales.

Intermediate:  Ready to add harmonies to melodies, has a general system for hammering patterns (which hand should hit which notes were....), has some facility with early facets of arranging.

Note:  You are free to attend any workshop you desire, even one above your present skill level, realizing that the instructors will assume that the students in the workshop have the skill level designated for that workshop.